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I made a back to school essentials list in August so now it’s time for late fall / winter essentials list!

  1. Parkas. I’ve been searching for the perfect one because I hate heavy winter coats. I live in north Jersey and it’s freezing here in the winter. This week it’s going down to 35 degrees (DURING THE DAY) and it may snow! All the parkas I’ve found are super light so I am still in search for my heavier olive green parka. I love everything olive green.
  2. Faux Fur Vests. I’m OBSESSED with these vests. I fell in love with them last season but could never find the perfect one. I had a sweater with a faux fur vest attached to it when I was 14, I wish I kept it but I hated it the next season. I am completely against fur so I really love faux fur vests and of course they are so inexpensive. I bought mine from h&m for $35. I’m sure there are places that sell them for cheaper. They go with everything, dresses, tops, sweaters, you name it. They instantly make an outfit glamourous. 
  3. Sweater Dresses. Still in search for my perfect one but I always see my classmates wear such cute ones in colors other than black! I definitely need one asap and I feel it is super cute for winter. You could pair them with tights, over the knee socks, tall boots and even combat boots. And when you want to dress it up of course you can pair it with your heeled booties.
  4. Over The Knee Socks. I’ve had these really cute cream over the knee socks from Delias for years and I love them! I recently wore them with tall suede riding boots, jeans and an oversized “grandpa” cardigan. Love these socks, you can pair them with anything.
  5. Riding Boots. LOVE! I had really cute brown leather ones but I kind of destroyed them over the years so I decided to buy myself a new pair. I got suede chestnut colored ones from Urban Outfitters. (If you haven’t noticed, urban is my go to store.) They’re super comfy and go with everything! I just had to go up like two sizes because they were way too small.
  6. Burgundy. Perfect color. It goes with everything and looks good on every skin tone.
  7. Earwarmers/Sweater Turbands. OBSESSED! We carry really cute ones at Anthro but sold our before I could buy my green one! I have a light pink earwarmer from I think F21. I got it for like $12. Super cute, you don’t get hat hair and it keeps your ears warm! They really do the job.
  8. Chunky Beanies. I have a few and I really need more. So toasty and can save you from a bad hair day/ getting snow in your hair. The end result is hat hair but it’s okay because you don’t necessarily NEED to take your hat off.
  9. Elbow Patched Sweaters. I’m not sure if there’s a correct term for these but I LOVE them! They remind me of Bill Cosby sweaters so whenever I wear mine I call it my Bill Cosby sweater.
  10. Tights. Opaque, sheer, colored, printed, you can never go wrong with a pair of tights. Wear them under shorts or a cute dress paired with boots and you’re perfect for December.
  11. Plaid. Need I say more?
  12. Chiffon Button Ups. You could wear the ones you wore during the summer with high waisted shorts/skirts and wear them with pants or shorts and skirts! Love them. Long, short, no sleeved, high low, oversized, sheer, studded, spiked, I love my chiffon button ups.
  13. Chunky Scarves. Really can’t go wrong with a scarf. It keeps you warm and can make an outfit look even cuter. 

Still high waisted everything, combat boots, LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER, colored jeans/pants, skinny cords, chunky grandpa pull overs and cardigans and loafers! I think all these are winter essentials and don’t forget dark nail polish! My current obsession is Smokin Hot by Essie :]

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